Work pods & chargers welcomed to car park

Work pods & chargers welcomed to car park

St. Catherine’s Walk car park has a new office pod and space for remote working, alongside 12 new electric car charging points for Tesla, 7 new points for other EV cars plus bike charging too.

In a UK first, the car park’s owner Apcoa Parking has introduced its Urban Mobility Hub concept to St Catherine’s.

The office pod and remote working stations will be connected to wifi and power so workers can plug in their car, laptop and phone to work before or after shopping and when charging their electric cars or bikes.

Visitors can hire the office pod if they need privacy for an online meeting or a quiet space for phone calls.

The multi-storey car park also has a collection and drop-off point for parcels, plus snack vending machines. Apcoa also wants to give local businesses the chance to use space in the car park for pop-up shops or kiosks.

And the car park is now covered by ANPR automatic number plate recognition, so shoppers can pay for parking when they are ready to leave.

St Catherine’s Walk Shopping Centre manager John Nash said: “We’re excited to be welcoming Apcoa’s new Urban Mobility Hub to St Catherine’s.

“It will be a great resource for local workers and students to use on the go and provides a great service to the growing number of people who work part time or all of the time from home.

“It is also great to see the addition of so many electric vehicle and bike chargers at St Catherine’s as we all work towards net zero. We can’t wait for the big switch on.”