Coffee #1

In our coffee shops you’ll find beautifully handcrafted coffee made with passion and skill served up in cosy coffee houses with lashings of character and cheer. Our beans are ethical and our milk is sourced from local dairy farms!

Pop in for buttery teacakes, a wholesome bowl of porridge or a breakfast bap to accompany your morning coffee; ‘Protect’, ‘boost’ and ‘cleanse’ yourself with our freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable ‘Super Juices’ (a refreshing way to start your day!!) or be tempted by the aroma of a freshly baked pastry.

Opening Hours

Mon – Sat 8am – 6pm
Sun 9am – 5pm

Occasionally stores may vary their trading hours, particularly in the evening so please call to check if you are making a special journey to a specific store.